Company Background and Philosophy

Company Background and Philosophy

The business world is one of the most effective platforms for people and companies to execute their greatest skills, most important values, and a process of continuous improvement for people and performance. J&M Steel Solutions is a steel erector that strives daily to achieve the best project results possible through these resources.

J&M Steel Solutions, Inc. was established April of 2004 by Scott Jeppson and Craig Madsen. Scott and Craig have developed strong leadership skills, not only within their organization, but have set high standards of performance for the steel erection industry. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Scott has become highly effective at the steel erection process, managing field crews for maximum output, and meeting client's needs at high levels. Craig oversees company operations and the internal/external effectiveness of J&M. His background roles include; general manager, project manager, and estimator for a large western states steel erector. Together, Scott and Craig have developed an excellent management hybrid and team to produce optimal results.

They have also completed over 500 projects--which range from small compressor buildings to large facilities such as the Nucor Manufacturing Plant in Brigham City Utah. J&M Steel's website showcases experience in various industries such as Gas & Energy, Mining, Industrial, Manufacturing, Federal, Aviation, and Commercial / Retail.

Scott and Craig have carefully selected the most qualified and motivated people to produce a high-performance team to erect pre-engineered metal buildings and structural steel projects. Developing trust and close working relationships with well respected general contractors and owners in the Western States has been a key to the success of J&M Steel Solutions.

Message from the owners

Message from the owners

We share a vision of a company where hard work, dedication and dependability is appreciated—an organization where each person can be proud to work for.

We feel like we've been able to accomplish this vision with J&M Steel Solutions. Our philosophy is to hire good people, and understand that the success of our company lies in the success of our employees. We realize that projects are not without problems. However, we feel it's the experience, attitude, perspective, and focus of our team to produce optimal results that allows us significant repeat business opportunities with clients.

Corporate Culture

J&M Steel's corporate culture is one of leadership, communication, safety, and accountability at all levels. It's a working atmosphere of deep respect for people and performance. It's an environment of trust where people thrive, and highly capable individuals can produce the finest results--working with a diversity of projects and a variety of clients.

Corporate Culture


J&M Steel Solutions:

  • Erects Structural Steel
  • Erects Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings
  • Erects Joist and Deck
  • Supplies Metal Buildings by Nucor and Metallic
  • Supplies Joist & Deck, and Industrial Roofing and Siding

Design Build:

We believe that a "true" Design Build approach can be very desirable for the owner, architect, engineer, general contractor, and sub-contractors. Our view of the Design Build approach is "collaborating together as a team to bring our best ideas, expertise, materials, and efforts forward, to design and build an ideal project for an owner."

With our combined management and field experience, we're able to assist customers with determining the optimal design for each project. This is further enhanced by our ability to price projects from multiple building manufacturers and suppliers for cost competitive pricing. We can also provide value engineering when projects are already designed and over budget.



Licensing in Multiple States

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

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